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Woodland Path

Cinder Path 10
 A Ten Second Films project 

We are very fortunate to have the offer of a special "programmed fragment montage video" for the Cinder Path

This is the nice and wild path that crosses Kingsland Valley

Organised by renowned digital artist Andy McKeown, this is a chance to see and hear the Cinder Path

in a completely different way

Our many thanks to Andy for making this happen

All you need is to find something that draws your eye along the Cinder Path, plus a smartphone to make a video recording.  Remember to focus on all things WILD and please avoid any selfies.

Click HERE to download instructions.

Click HERE to send your ten-second recording images

You should add email subject as : BVAF Cinder Path 10

And also include in the body of the email the location

What3Words location recommended

* Alternatively, you can also submit files by whichever cloud transfer service you use

WeTransfer, Google Drive, DropBox etc.

Once complete, the finished  videos will be uploaded to a website channel.

Click HERE to see.

Remember to have fun!

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