Competitions & Activities

Stimulate your creativity and take part in our activities and competitions based on this year’s theme "WILD"

Enter our Instagram Photography Competition









Garden Gallery and Knit & Natter

We have online community space for photos of your gardens, and your knitting creations.  Email us with your best photos, and make sure you include a title. They will be added to our Garden Gallery 2020, and our Knit & Natter Gallery 2020

Poets Run WILD

We are encouraging all ages to enter poetry as part of our "Poets Run WILD" promotion.  Email us with your best entries, for us to publish online.  Click HERE for more details

Socially Distant Studios

We would love to encourage our local artists to display their work in our online community space.  Please email us with images and information, and we will publish these online.  You can see our online studio HERE

Hedgehog Survey

We are working with Shropshire Wildlife Trust to promote a local hedgehog survey. The idea is to see where hedgehogs are still active, and from that, map out a hedgehog garden network, determining which garden boundaries are hedgehog friendly, and which are not. Please visit our Hedgehog Survey Page, for more information, and to submit your survey

Plant & Craft Fair

We have Plant & Craft Fair activities for children, run in conjunction with Friends of Coleham School.  We have created an online gallery with your amazing creations, which you can visit HERE.  Officially closed on 02 May, but late entries can be accepted. Click HERE to find out more

Cuan Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Artists of the Year 2020














Are you an artist, illustrator or simply someone who loves to paint draw and make?

This year Cuan Wildlife Rescue will run its very first Artists of the year competition. Selected artists from the entries received, will receive the opportunity to display their work at an exclusive exhibition at The Hive, Shrewsbury from the 29th September - 18th October 2020 celebrating everything about British Wildlife.

You can find out everything via the Cuan Wildlife Rescue website







Take a picture of something WILD inspired, ideally in Belle Vue. It can be of something you see everyday or something extraordinary. The more creative the better!


Upload the photo to your Instagram account and add the hashtag #myviewbellevue and tag @bellevueartsfestival. We will pick a few of our favourites throughout the competition to showcase on our Instagram page, and 3 overall winners will receive prizes!

The competition runs from 02 May until 13 June. Photographs can only be submitted via Instagram and must include the hashtag #myviewbellevue. We reserve the right to use any of the submitted photographs in future advertising, social media or publicity.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the Shropshire Photographic Society

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