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Competitions & Activities

Stimulate your creativity and take part in our activities and competitions

based on this year’s theme "WILD".

We have Plant & Craft Fair activities for kids, run in conjunction with Friends of Coleham School.

From your entries, we will create an an online gallery of your amazing creations. 

Click here for more details.

We have pumpkin seeds to deliver out and for people to grow.

Email us with your address and we will pop through your front door.

Then send us pictures to upload to the website.

We will provide a gallery for this soon.

We have online community space for photos of your knitting creations and garden plants.

Email us with your best photos, and make sure you include a title.

We will provide a gallery for this soon.

We have working with Shropshire Wildlife Trust to promote a local hedgehog survey.

The idea is to see where hedgehogs are still active and from that to map out a hedgehog garden network.

i.e determining which garden boundaries are hedgehog friendly and which are not.

We will provide more information on this soon.

We are also encouraging all ages to enter poetry as part of our 'Poets Run Wild' promotion.

Email us with your best entries, for us to publish online.

 Click here for more details.

Finally we have our Instagram Photography Competition

which is free to enter and open to all ages. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

See below

Instagram Photography Competition

Take a picture of something WILD inspired, ideally in Belle Vue. It can be of something you see everyday or something extraordinary. The more creative the better!


Upload the photo to your Instagram account and add the hashtag #myviewbellevue and tag @bellevueartsfestival. We will pick a few of our favourites throughout the competition to showcase on our Instagram page and 3 overall winners will receive prizes!

The competition runs from 02 May until 13 June. Photographs can only be submitted via Instagram and must include the hashtag #myviewbellevue. We reserve the right to use any of the submitted photographs in future advertising, social media or publicity.

Art and Scarecrow competition

Let your imagination run wild and try your hand at creating a piece of art or a scarecrow in your garden for our Arts and Scarecrow trail, see our events page.


Based on the theme "WILD", this competition is open to all ages.

You can download some helpful and interesting information about how to create your entry by clicking HERE

You can register your art or scarecrow for free (using the theme "WILD" for inspiration), by  emailing Graham David on gdavid549@btinternet.com or contacting him on 07712 405032. Entries in by 29th May to get on the trail map please!