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BVAF 2020 Garden Gallery

As we are unable to hold our usual Open Gardens Trail this year, we are inviting you to submit photo and videos of your gardens!  Please email us, and we will upload to this page

David and Susan Tonge's Vane Road Garden.  A revamped garden with fruit, veg, flowers, greenhouses, two ponds, and a rose by the front door which got destroyed by the gales in May, so isn’t there

ST 6
ST 7
ST 8
ST 5
ST 3
ST 1
ST 2
ST 4

4 Chatsworth Gardens

The garden was first planted out in 2011 and has been developed since, with some major removals and replanting done in the mud of autumn 2019 and the drought of spring 2020.

The garden has been open on several occasions between 2012 and 2017.  The front garden is dry, the rear garden is wet and planting has to take account of both.  Pictures are taken over the past three months and feature views of the back garden and some portraits of a few successes this spring.


Pam's garden at 56 Montague Place.  Pam opened her small garden last year for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed it and she had 310 people visit, quite a few of them were soaked ! Good fun


Paul and Alison Cave's garden in Oak Street


Ginny Parker's garden - with some visitors


Alice's pretty garden at 31 Bynner Street

31 5
31 4
31 2
31 1
31 3

Shirley's garden.  A small, low maintenance garden packed with plants and with a large pond. There is something in flower almost every day of the year

Shirley 9
Shirley 7
Shirley 8
Shirley 6
Shirley 5
Shirley 4
Shirley 1
Shirley 2
Shirley 3

A garden in Belle Vue, belonging to Paul and Advolly. Such a beautiful tour in this video

A garden at 44 Hawthorn Road belonging to Graham David, BVAF committee member.  Lots to see here

SG 2
SG 1

A pretty cottage-style garden, developed over many years by the late Judy Townsend, founder of the Belle Vue Arts Festival, with the support of her husband Alan. It is a small wrap-around garden packed with a variety of border perennials and shrubs, supplemented by seasonal colour in containers. In May and June, irises, alliums and poppies make a splash! Traditionally opened as part of the Festival Garden Trail each year, it can now be enjoyed in this short video by Sally and Alan Townsend.

A garden in Hereford Road

Hereford Road 3
Hereford Road 2
Hereford Road 1
Hereford Road 4

Ten years ago, the only thing growing in Lottie and Daniel’s garden was a mature holly tree. In 2021 visitors to this garden during May and June will see the first flush of roses, perennial violas and geraniums, heucheras and ferns, and the final flourish of wisteria. 

Clark 0
Clark 1
Clark 2
Clark 3
Clark 4
Clark 5
Clark 6
Clark 7
Clark 8

Some great photos from Chrissy, one of our committee members

All images from her back garden on Kemps Eye Avenue

CB 3

Smoke bush and Green Alkanet (which has blue flowers!)

CB 2

The dalek from the Space themed BVAF a few years ago, still serving as a compost bin

CB 1

Here a peep at Rea Brook from the bottom of our garden

A video of a garden belonging to one of our committee members.  Have a "virtual" tour with Marie!

 Ruth and Reg Wilford's garden at 68 Oakley Street.  Reg is one of our committee members
Early Spring with snowdrops, primula and daffodils.
Mid Spring with tulips, heuchera etc

Reg 3
Reg 4
Reg 2
Reg 1
DSC00116a-ruth in garden

A quiet corner in a Belle Vue Garden, belonging to Emma from The Wardrobe Shrewsbury

Storm washed in West Hermitage: Katriona Wade

The Wardrobe quiet corner.jpg

Really appreciating these blooms in my garden in Monkmoor - not far from Belle Vue! Margaret Hemp

Margaret Hemp Monkmoor.JPG
Barnabas Church Centre 360 Back Garden

Some of you may not be aware that at Barnabas Church Centre we have a garden, one which has grown over the past 3 years, but is not very obvious from the road. 
It's called the 360 Back Garden, because it's part of a broader group of projects under the banner 360 Platform for Life. These projects help people start to enjoy life again, get out and mix with others when perhaps life had dealt heavy blows in the past, and it encourages gentle gardening exercise, developing wood work skills and introducing willow work with others alongside, in small groups and with one to one mentoring. The 360 Back Garden replicates what many of us have as a back garden; somewhere to work outside, somewhere to grow, somewhere to develop new skills and most importantly somewhere to sit with friends.
A group of us have enjoyed seeing the work and our clients grow and blossom , and were therefore very saddened by the incredible mess that resulted from the floods earlier in the year. 
However, a group of strong, kind people filled a skip with the results of the destruction, and then we set about restoring the 360 Back Garden back to working order. 
We have tomatoes in the greenhouse and some seeds coming up in the raised beds, with more to follow, in the hopes that if lockdown is lifted, we can offer gardening fun (and hopefully picking the produce!) later in the summer. 
I'm not holding my breath, but it would be great if that could be the case, especially as many will be suffering from extreme isolation at this time, and will benefit hugely from getting out and mixing in company again. 
If not, here's hoping for a fresh start in 2021! 

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