Hedgehog Survey 2020

We have been mapping out hedgehog-friendly gardens in Belle Vue

In conjunction with






Red - no access for hedgehogs

Amber – limited access (one or two small and possibly difficult holes in boundary)

Green – easy access in the form of perhaps just a hedge open at base or large gaps to the next property or front of house.


Take a look at this map:  Type in your property address, and zoom in to find your house and garden. Then right click the image to print out, or you could simply copy this onto paper to get a simplified boundary to mark up.
Or you could add your boundaries direct in Google Maps. This does take a little more IT skill! 

You need a Google account to sign in. Then click the ‘Edit’ near the title. Use the map editing buttons to add you own line. The one with 3 linked dots is used for adding lines.

When you have your questionaire and map, please email it to us, and we will do the rest.  Don't forget to give us your name and a contact number as well please. If you would prefer to post a hardcopy - please deliver to 7 Link Road, Belle Vue, Shrewsbury SY3 7QP

If super keen to know more also see PTES Hedgehog Street website


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Hedgehog Inspired Pasta


And finally, we couldn't leave this page without adding something a little bit creative.

Why not try this!!

Jamie Oliver’s hedgehog-like Cavatelli pasta dish! You can download the recipe here



We'd love to see your results

Click HERE for videos of how people made the pasta


Preparation and cooking instructions from thehappyfoodie itself sourced from Jamie Oliver

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