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Our BVAF bunting is up by Greyfriars Bridge!

BVAF bunting 14-04-2021
BVAF bunting 1 14-04-2021

Stick Men in Belle Vue and elsewhere


Stick Men having fun at Love2Stay

Love2Stay 2
Love2Stay 1
Love2Stay 3
Another fab Brownie Stick Man.JPG

Another fabulous Brownie Stick Man getting ready to join the pack!

From the Community Garden in Brook Street

Community garden Brook Street.jpg

Mae Hilton from Coleham School and her brilliant stick girl

Mae Hilton
Mae Hilton 2
Mae Hilton 1

Ben Firth from Coleham School with his indoor and outdoor stick men

Ben Firth outside 1
Ben Firth outside
Ben Firth and his stick man

The Havelock Road Stick Man, who changes his outfits with the seasons

Havelock Road stick man.jpg

Knitted Stick Men by Anna Vass

Anna Vass Stick Man - knitted
Anna Vass Stick Man - knitted1

Want to see some images from the 2020 Festival "WILD" - then CLICK HERE

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