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Green Nature

Nature Treasure Hunt 2021

Rea Brook Treasure Hunt

Choose a day to wander along the brook, capturing photos as you go


We have provided some images of things to look for:

Bridges/Landmarks = 2 points each

Plants/Trees = 5 points each















Animals = 10 points each




















You can also add 1 "bonus unusual/exciting image" from along the brook = 15 points

Try to collage the images together (there are apps available for this) then send us your photo collection, and how many points you think you have collected – send them to us by 31 July 2021

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your Rea Brook imagery

bridge old SVR
bridge meole
bridge Fox matt sewell
bridge Meole railway
bridge magpie matt sewell
bridge blue
flora yellow rattle
flora wild garlic
flora toothwort
flora knapweed
flora cuckoo pint
flora hawk weed
flora fly agaric
flora comfrey
tree oak
tree hazel
tree crack willow
tree hawthorn
tree alder
fauna yello wagtail
fauna woodpecker
fauna rabbit
fauna red kite
fauna otter
fauna king fisher
fauna magpie
fauna long tail tit
fauna fish
fauna dragonfly
fauna dipper
fauna cattle
fauna bee fly
fauna bee hives
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