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Online Studio 2022

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Come right in and feel the experience of meeting local artists

See their work, hear them talk about it, share ideas and techniques.....and be inspired!

Liz McDougall makes woven wall hangings from natural materials, mainly hand-spun, hand-dyed wool and art yarn from small producers. Her pieces are inspired by the natural landscape, particularly the ebb and flow of the seasons and landscape. Liz trained at Coventry School of Art and Design and currently lives in Shrewsbury. Her current work reflects time spent in the Yorkshire Dales, the Severn Estuary, the Cumbrian coast and the Shropshire Hills. 


Lee Lewis

During lockdown I started my "river walks" and the changing light and the trees really inspired me


River Bank acrylic on canvas (£90) Walking along Sydney Avenue on the banks of the River Severn the light changes really quickly. You have to work fast capturing the mood. The sunlight dances and shimmers across the high water. Bright October sunshine with autumn on its way

Walled Garden

Walled Garden Acrylic on canvas (£90) I was down in London with Neil to see Fenton House in Hampstead. Interesting house and lovely walled garden. It was late October days of mellow fruitfulness

Late Afternoon Sunshine

Late Afternoon Sunshine acrylic on canvas (£90) This was in July last year. Late afternoon sunshine by the river. Warm sunshine and long deep shadows in the hedges. Long grass and bright light. It was a perfect day of contrast


Pathway Acrylic on canvas (£90) During lock down I began my 'riverwalks'...From my house along the Old Canal Pathway (seen here) walking through Castlefields heading towards the Weir and Sydney Avenue. Hazy warm summer light

Morgan Bird

After da Vinci: The Moaner, Lisa - 2021 - Oil on Canvas - A playful interpretation of da Vinci's famous work. One of three in a series of famous female figures in art

Morgan Bird

After James Abbott McNeill: The Whistler's Mother - 2021 - Oil on Canvas - A playful interpretation of Whistler's famous work. One of three in a series of famous female figures in art

Morgan Bird

After Magritte: Bobbing for Apples - 2020 - Oil on Canvas - A playful interpretation of Magritte's famous work. The start of a series that reinterprets great paintings from the history of art

Morgan Bird

Do they know it’s Socrates? No, because they keep saying it’s Santa! Bust of Socrates (or Santa) - 2020 - Oil on Canvas Paper - A traditional bust of Socrates in the artist's distinctive style. Potential for more famous faces as busts

Mat Brown

I'm currently based in Welshpool. I'm a sculptor, painter, pencil sketcher, and work in pastels as well


Fergus Reid

Fergus Reid's photographs are influenced by the modernist tradition. Some of his photographic heroes include great modernist photographers like Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Imogen Cunningham and Aaron Siskind. Like them he is attempting to create photographs which succeed in their own right without having to rely solely on the appearance of the subject matter. It feels more important for Reid to make an image which functions successfully in terms of its composition, colour and form than to literally describe the physical world around him. He strives to make photographs which are uncluttered, balanced and harmonious.

Many of the photographs are taken in Reid's native county, Shropshire. Some result from foreign travels. However, he does not feel location is important to his work as images should speak for themselves. "A photograph taken in the back yard can be just as good as one taken in the Himalayas. It’s a question of extracting the beauty and equilibrium in the things we see around us." Reid spent his working days lecturing about the work of the great photographers, which he believes has helped improve his ability to see the world in all its aesthetic splendour.

6 Railway Bridge - Shrewsbury
5 Tulips - Dingle
4 Crocuses - Dingle
3 The Great Wave, Crete, photograph
2 The Quantum Leap Sculpture, Shrewsbury, photograph
3 Reflection - Greyfriars Bridge
2 The Old Brewery, Shrewsbury
10 Daffodils - Quarry Park
1 Victoria Avenue, The Quarry, Shrewsbury, oil on board
1 Lime Trees, The Quarry
View of the Long Mynd from Haughmond Hill - oil on canvas
View from the Reabrook - oil on board
8 Wheatfield - Bayston Hill
9 Poppies and Clover, Hencote
The River Severn at Castlefields, Shrewsbury - oil on canvas
7 Lime Trees, Quarry Park

Julie Shaw
These are two glass  mosaics that I completed this year. The first one "Blossom" is inspired by Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.


The second mosaic is based on David Hockney's Yorkshire landscapes "Tunnel of light".


Karen Sillar

I am a Shrewsbury based artist and printmaker inspired by the nature, colour and
light surrounding me. Encouraged to pick up a pencil again some years ago by a
wonderful local artist, I now enjoy working in a variety of different mediums.
My current linocut print work explores the use of many applications of thinly applied
ink which has been mixed with an ‘extender’ to produce paler and more translucent
layers. This produces some more subtle outcomes but also creates its own
Birds remain a strong theme in my work as I am drawn to the distinct lines and
shapes of their form. I attempt to capture the essence of each species in my finished
I am also working up a series of prints featuring Koi carp, adapting my printing
techniques in an attempt to capture the shapes, colour and flow seen in a Koi pool.
This has led me to explore monotype printing, a technique that allows for more
spontaneous and gestural mark making.
I am an active member of the Association of Animal Artists, currently serving as the
association’s treasurer.
Instagram @karensillarart
Facebook Karen Sillar Art

Karen Sillar_Bumblebee on Blossom
Karen Sillar_Bumblebee on Hogweed
Karen Sillar_2 Mono Koi II
Karen Sillar_Bumblebee on Bramble

Amelia Dance

Some images from one our young artists

Delivery - Journey of a Milkman
Milk Bottles in the Crate- Journey of a Milkman
Empty Bottle Collection - Journey of a Milkman
Milk Bottle Technique - Journey of a Milkman
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