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Photo Studio

Photography Competition 2021
Here are the winning entries from
the Shropshire Photographic Society

FIRST PRIZE goes to Ian Kidd with Little Owl

FIRST PRIZE Ian Kidd Little Owl 1400.jpg

JOINT SECOND PRIZE goes to Clive Morley with Bamburgh Sunrise and Philip Williams with Black Cocker Spaniel

SECOND PRIZE Clive Morley Bamburgh Sunrise
SECOND PRIZE Philip Williams Black Cocker Spaniel 1400

JOINT THIRD PRIZE goes to Dick Bickerton with Fisherman's Hut and Graham Cowdroy with Robin Feeding

THIRD PRIZE Dic Bickerton Fisherman's Hut - Vagan, Norway
THIRD PRIZE Graham Cowdroy Robin Feeding Young

FOURTH PRIZE goes to Judy Mainwaring with "Henningsvaer, Lofoten Islands

FOURTH PRIZE My Henningsvaer, Lofoten Islands.jpg
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