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Plant & Craft Fair : Online Kids Art Challenges

11 April - 2 May


In conjunction with Friends of Coleham School (FOCs), make and upload photos of your creations

You can see our gallery HERE

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1. WILD collage    

Cut and stick your favourite pictures from old magazines and newspapers    

onto a sheet of A4 or A3 paper to make a brand new WILD inspired picture    


2. WILD recycled art    

Grab some empty milk bottles, egg cartons and whatever you can find. Now, make them into some WILD art, maybe a milk bottle animal like above    


3. Vegetable WILD creature    

Make a vegetable creature from spare vegetables your parents have in the house. Put them together with cocktail sticks or simply on a plate    


4. WILD garden or habitat on a plate    

Collect some stones and leaves on your next walk, combine them with some soil and flowers on a plate. You could maybe create some magical creatures to go in the garden too!    



Each entry MUST contain the following information:    

title of entry    

name of entrant    

age of entrant    

class of entrant    

and which school you attend, if not Coleham

To enter, click below to enter, or email, ensuring that you include the name of the competition that you wish to enter

To enter WILD collage, click HERE

To enter WILD recyled art, click HERE

To enter vegetable WILD creature, click HERE

To enter WILD garden or habitat on a plate, click HERE

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