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Poet's Corner

Jet Pareira-Jenks

The Scary Superhero


I may be a superhero,
I may save the day,
But I do so
while being frightening,
In a costume that’s all grey,

People call me Spectralman,
I look just like a ghost,
I have a hood that hides my face,
I’m what bad g
uys fear the most!

Ask anyone in this city,
I’m the scariest man in town,
I hate happy things and cheer so much,
I have an enemy who’s a clown!

I’m a scary superhero,
I’m a frightful fighter,
But sometimes it gives me pause,
When people say I should be nicer.

The Bored Superhero


The evil scientist’s destroying the town,
And I’m the hero, so I should fly down,
For I have the strength and the power,
To defeat him in under an hour,
I tell myself to rescue everyone,
To snatch away the scientist’s gun,
And to punch him in the head,
But I feel it must be said,
That we have done this many times,
He may not get tired of committin
g crimes,
But I can no longer leap at the chance,
To do the same old song and dance,
Surely other heroes are there,
So let them handle this, for I cannot bear,
To do this time and time again,
Let someone else bring that bad guy pain.

A Request From A Comic Relief Character


I made you laugh,
But be on your way,
I was not the one,
Who saved the day,

I wasn’t the hero,
I just made wisecracks,
I hid and cowered,
When the villains attacked,

I didn’t save the day,
But I brought enough joy,
That everybody bought,
My cuddly toy,

But it’s the hero,
That deserves your praise,
Go bother him,
And go away,

I made you laugh,
But now I’m retired,
Those days are behind me,
I’m less bubbly than tired.

The Weird Writings of Gareth Barsby 

Gareth Barsby

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