Getting Involved

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Belle Vue Arts Festival is run entirely by volunteers and needs the help of community members to flourish we’re always looking for friendly and enthusiastic people to join us. 


There’s plenty to do, and it’s a great way to get to know your community better, make new friends and have fun. Tasks for our online festival include:


  • Managing our website

  • Managing our social media

  • Perhaps writing a blog post

  • Helping us improve community links

  • Helping us promote local artists/local creative groups 

  • Helping us promote the festival

  • Helping us plan future events

  • Helping us with online workshops (all kinds)


So, if you feel that you could spare some time and help to support us and the Belle Vue community, please get in touch.


You can do this by emailing and just jotting down a few details about yourself (name, contact number, email) and the type of things you're interested in helping us with.


We are currently holding meetings online, a new thing for us, so if super keen you could join us on one of these too!

Online Festival


With all our events/activities now online, it would be great to receive lots of entries for the variety of things we have on offer.

This includes


  • Uploading photos of your garden for Garden Galleries

  • Submitting audio/photos for the Sonic Gardens montages.

  • Uploading poetry on the the theme of WILD

  • Uploading photos of your knitting creations

  • Having a go at making rainbow coloured pom poms 

  • Helping make Belle Vue hedgehog friendly by getting involved the Shropshire Wildlife survey questionnaire. 

  • Cooking up a pasta dish - inspired by hedgehogs.

  • Entering our Instagram Photography Competition

  • Entering the CUAN Wildlife Art Competition


And of course any other creative ideas you may have.

Chalk art, window art, home made bunting, WILD inspired art...