The Team

Nail Art

Jo Aspinall

Bio coming soon!

Nail Art

Rebecca Barker

Bio coming soon!

Chrissy Bridge photo.jpg

Chrissy Bridge

Open Gardens and Workshop Organiser

I am a keen gardener and enjoy yoga, cooking and knitting

Corinne Brown.jpg

Corinne Brown

Chair and Event Organiser.  Lover of art, gardening and film. So happy to be helping out with a thriving Arts Festival in such a friendly community

Graham photo 2_edited.jpg

Graham David

Open Gardens and Music Organiser

I am a musician following in the footsteps of my maternal grandparents and love jazz, blues and Americana.  Favourite album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis

Mike Griffiths photo_edited.jpg

Mike Griffiths

Art Workshop Organiser

I'm an art teacher first, artist second, inspiring children to create art in a wide variety of media

Shaun Hood.jpg

Shaun Hood

I am a designer and maker in my daily life and wanted to use my skills to help us all enjoy and celebrate being part of our wonderful community

Marie Kitson.jpg

Marie Kitson

I joined the BVAF Committee a little after moving to Shrewsbury in 2018 as a way to get involved in the amazing community arts event and to get to know people.  I used to teach art, but love anything that allows me to be creative and spending time in my garden

Sue Mann.jpg

Sue Mann

Art Exhibition Organiser

I love creativity in all of its forms, especially when it brings people of all ages together.  I particularly enjoy drawing, painting, singing and the theatre

Fiona photo.jpg

Fiona McLoughlin

Volunteer Co-Ordinator, and  Competition Prize Organiser

I joined the BVAF Committee when I moved back to Shrewsbury several years ago.  The Festival combines so many of the things that I care deeply about: the arts, music, gardening creativity, community and above all, friendship

Paul McLoughlin.jpg

Paul McLoughlin

Treasurer and general volunteer

I joined the committee because I love the way it uses creativity to bring a community together. Although I’m not very creative myself, I appreciate anyone who is, and I am always amazed by talent on show in Belle Vue

Nail Art

Chris Renshaw

Bio coming soon!


Suzy Rowlands

Festival Secretary

I joined the BVAF Committee when I moved back home to Shrewsbury in 2018.  It's a great way to meet interesting and friendly new people, and give something back to the community. I am passionate believer that art is for everybody!

Tom Supple - Chewy.jpg

Tom Supple

Always enjoy getting involved in community events and love to see the festival emerge each year in ever new and surprising ways!

Nail Art

Rosie Tasker

Bio coming soon