The Team

Rebecca Barker

Chris Bentley

I love being part of the Belle Vue community and the Belle Vue Arts Festival, encouraging creativity locally. I also love the outdoors and am happiest walking in the Shropshire hills and the Lake District. Current art inspiration - photographer Martin Parr

PR & Publicity

Jenna Blair

Chrissy Bridge

I am a keen gardener and enjoy yoga, cooking and knitting.

Open Gardens & Workshop Organiser

Corinne Brown

Lover of art, gardening and film, so happy to be helping out with a thriving Arts Festival in such a friendly community.

Graham David

I am a musician following in the footsteps of my maternal grandparents and love jazz, blues and americana. Favourite album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis.


Open Gardens & Music Organiser

Mike Griffths

I’m an art teacher first, artist second, inspiring children to create art in a wide variety of media.

Art workshop organiser

Shaun Hood

I am a designer and maker in my daily life and wanted to use my skills to help us all enjoy and celebrate being part of our wonderful community

Event Leader / Coleham Liaison 

Kristina Jones

I joined Belle Vue Arts in 2019 as a way of getting more involved in my flourishing local art community, I am a graphic designer with a passion for all things arty and meditative

Graphic Designer

Marie Kitson

I joined the BVAF a little after moving to Shrewsbury in 2018 as a way to get involved in the amazing community arts events and to get to know people. I used to teach Art, but love anything that allows me to be creative and spending time in my garden

Sue Mann

I love creativity in all of its forms, especially when it brings people of all ages together.
I particularly enjoy drawing, painting, singing and the theatre.

Art Exhibition Organiser

Fiona Mcloughlin

I joined the Belle Vue Arts Festival committee when I moved back to Shrewsbury four years ago. The Festival combines so many of the things that I care deeply about; the arts, music, gardening, creativity, community and above all, friendship

Volunteer co-ordinator & competition prize organiser

Paul McLoughlin


Chris Renshaw

Suzy Rowlands

I joined the Belle Vue Arts Festival when I moved back home to Shrewsbury in 2018.  It's a great way to meet interesting and friendly new people, and give something back to the community.  I am a passionate believer that art is for everybody!

Festival Secretary

Tom Supple

I enjoy being involved in community events and helping to make things happen.

I also love the power of art to help see things differently.


Chair & Event Organiser

Reg Wilford

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Our Inspired Artists/Artwork

Tom inspirational artist Cornelia  Parkes

Tom was inspired by ‘Cold Dark Matter; An exploded view by Cornelia Parkes’ which was on a advertising board in Neath station! This was part of an Art Everywhere project organised by the Tate.

Tony sharpe inspirational artist  Pablo Picasso

Tony's inspirational artist “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso. Inspiring artists – John Piper, Paul Nash, Ivon Hitchens, Samuel Palmer.

Mike inspirational artist Andy  Goldsworthy

Mike's inspirational artist Andy Goldsworthy. Working with nature, natural forms to create sculptures and photography.

Fiona inspirational artist David  Hockney

Fiona's inspirational artist David Hockney - inspired by his use of stunning vibrant colours.

Chrissy inspirational artist Edward  Burnes Jones

Chrissy's inspirational artist The beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burnes-Jones

Maria inspirational artist Margaret  Bourke White

Maria's inspirational artist Margaret Bourke-White. Inspirational documentary photographer.

Graham inspirational artist Claes  Oldenburg

Graham's inspirational artist My art inspirations are sculptors who use concepts of scale in their work, particularly Claes Oldenberg

Jessica's inspirational artist

Jessica's inspirational artist Spanish artist and set designer Raquel Rodrigo bringing old-fashioned cross-stitching out into the open with her large-scale installations that weave a bit of colour into the city.

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