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The Judy Townsend Award

The annual Belle Vue Arts Festival is the brainchild of Judy Townsend, a former teacher and Mayoress of Shrewsbury. In 2003, Judy, along with the help of friends and local artists, came together to create an inspiring week of arts events for the local community of Belle Vue.


Now, several years later the festival continues through the efforts of a small group of committed volunteers and a wide network of supporters.

The Belle Vue Arts Festival are keen to to encourage young people with an award.  This is aimed at either a young person or a group.

Award Winners

2023 winner: Mae Hilton

Awarded for outstanding creativity and enthusiasm

Mae Hilton.jpg
Mae 1.JPG
Mae with Greta.jpg

2022 winner: Seb Branfield

2021 winner: Jet Pariera

2019 winner: Max Parsons

Awarded for showing great artistic promise and enthusiasm, and for his excellent first prize photography entry

2019 Max Parsons
2019 Max Parsons entry

2018 winner: Coleham Year 6

The entire Coleham Year 6 won due to their general enthusiasm and rocketeering knowhow!

2018 Coleham Year 6 winners.jpg

2017 winner: Ingrid Cluve

Winner of the Plant & Craft Fair poetry competition. Awarded for artistic and creative talent

2017 Ingrid Cluve
2017 Ingrid Cluve rabbit picture
2017 Ingrid Cluve poetry
2017 Ingrid Cluve 1

2016 winner: Anna Streetly

Outstanding art talent. See Socially Distanced Studio work and recent children's book illustrations

2016 young local artist Anna Streetly
2016 Anna Streetly PICTURE
2016 Anna Streetly PICTURE 1

2015 winner: Eleanor Wade

Young local artist.  Award for outstanding art talent

2015 young local artist Eleanor Wade
2015 Eleanor Wade PICTURE

2014 winner: Heidi Clark

Young local artist and writer.  Inaugural award for outstanding new talent

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